16 June 2021: Weekday Sessions, plus Meeting our Objectives


The playing front has been quiet this month, however much research, data collection, chasing and head scratching have taken place. The results of this will help to ensure that the best combination of sessions can be provided over the longer term.  Whilst every single preference cannot necessarily be met, the work will facilitate the growth of Crossover’s basketball offering.

Achievements Against Objectives

Crossover Basketball Association has three charitable objectives which are, briefly: 

  1. Helping young people develop skills, capacities and capabilities 
  2. Advancing education 
  3. Providing recreational and leisure time activity 

The Friday sessions at St Peter’s School always comprehensively satisfied the third objective. The plan is to restart those once that venue (or another one in the area) becomes available. 

There were transportation difficulties for some with the sessions at Archbishop Illsley School, and catering for the local community around that venue is also a challenge. This is something that we hope to address soon. 

With regard to the first two objectives, during the first season it became clear that sessions were not developing capabilities as effeciently as hoped.  Factors affecting this were: 

  • a single session each week; 
  • higher player to coach ratios; 
  • training the night before matches, some of which also involved travel. 

A number of members also wish to play in a competitive league. This further reinforces the need for alternative or additional sessions. 

Weekday Practices

Having taken into account availability of players, venues and coaches, the following training nights will be piloted:

Mondays at Arden SchoolKnowle

Wednesdays at Lode Heath SchoolLode Lane

Some players may not be able to make one or both sessions, however Crossover will still try to support all players with their ambitions. 

The organisation of these will be monitored to offer optimum opportunities. Start times and coaching will inevitably be adjusted as gender and age groups splits become clearer.

This link below can be used to reserve places at the first sessions, for the week commencing 28 June: https://xoball.class4kids.co.uk/   Please make preferred bookings as soon as possible. These will also be used to decide the make-up and times of the July block-booking.  

If players cannot attend the June session but would be able to make the sessions in July, please advise separately. 

Players may be placed on a waiting list.  If this is the case, please still complete the reservation.  All eligible participants have been accommodated at every session since Crossover was established (as Arden Griffins) in 2019. Every effort will be made to maintain this. 

Payment will  be requested when the session is confirmed.  It is envisaged that the prices will be as follows: 

Arden School, Monday 28th June 

Yrs 1-6        6:00-7:15pm       £7.50 (1h 15m) 

Yrs 6-10      7:15-8:45pm       £8.50 (1h 30m) 

Lode Heath, Wednesday 30th June 

Yrs 1-6        7:00-8:00pm       £5.75 (1h) 

Yrs 6-10      8:00-9:15pm       £7.50 (1h 15m) 


Summer Activity and Beyond

A number of daytime sessions and mini-camps are being considered for the summer. These will be invaluable for players to compete in leagues.  Further news of these will follow in due course.  It is also expected that development sessions on Friday and/or Saturdays will recommence. These will take place at at least one venue in Solihull during, or immediately following, the summer holidays. 

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