About crossover basketball association (xoball)

  • Regd. Charity No. 1190741

xoball exists to

  • promote amateur basketball

as a means to

  • meeting the needs of individuals,

enhancing their lives using

  • education


  • physical training

to consequently improve the communities that they live in.

It was seen that basketball could do this for a number of reasons; these are illustrated in an All Party Parliamentary Group report into basketball in 2014, which states that

“…there is no more efficient sporting vehicle than basketball to improve outcomes for individuals and communities…”.  (link)

xoball realises that building competitive basketball teams, and consequently trying to win games, is something that will encourage some of the new joiners to remain in the sport, and provide part of the base on which we grow the game, wherever we operate.

However, xoball recognises that today’s society is increasingly complex.  People’s liberties and development can be compromised by anxiety, isolation or the sheer amount of choices available to them.  These can often be exacerbated by pressures such as social media, or the time and financial limitations on those who traditionally provided guidance.

Coordinated, sustainable group activities are an effective tool to help individuals to cope with the demands of modern life.  Therefore:

  • continued participation will always take priority over winning matches.

xoball takes pride in it’s values.  The association will remain:

  • transparent – make details of our activities available to our members, wherever it is not unreasonable to do so;

  • dynamic – change our processes and structure if it will proportionately benefit the purposes of the association;

  • outward looking – be highly hospitable to all those involved in the sport, and further our objectives by actively developing opportunities that become apparent, wherever and whenever that may be.