What better way is there to know how great crossover basketball (XO) is than to see the words of the members that benefit from the association’s work?!

The collage below displays some of the great comments received as part of the Feedback & Review excercise at the end of the inaugural 2019/20 season.  This will be split into five sections to be used randomly as the background on our website header, each time the page is viewed or refreshed.  (It may be easier to view in landscape or on a monitor – a list of the same comments is also provided below).

Growth, change and continuous review are a fact of life at XO, in the quest to use basketball as a tool for good.  This can only be done successfully with the feedback of those that XO looks to benefit, so all observations are welcomed.

Where these highlight room for improvements, they are taken seriously, responded to, and acted upon where required.  But it’s also important to highlight the positive comments received – these give XO‘s valued workforce real encouragement to continue delivering the very best service possible.

Again only just joined so seems v. Good” Kathy, Dickens Heath
“All coaching seems good.” Stacey, Hockley Heath
“All the coaches are good ” 
“Always informed as much as possible and kept up to date ” 
“Appears well organised and quick responses to messages” Lorraine
“Athena enjoys the club atmosphere and the social side of being in the club.  ” 
“Brilliant” Dede, Shirley
“Can see improvement already” Jodie, Olton
“Coaches are supportive of each player’s progress and encourage growth.” Liv
“Coaching is very good, they are always friendly and give good tips and advice. Amina is amazing such a lovely coach. ” Eloise
“Danny is useful in matches as he is encouraging, calm and tells us where we should be/ should be doing in different situations.” Liv
“Doing well to start hopefully will progress further ” 
“Easy to sign up and get in touch with Sunny” 
“Enjoys it so that’s the main thing and is getting practice and training so all good ” Kathy, Dickens Heath
“Everyone passionate and keen to see it do well and grow. ” 
“Excellent ” Jodie, Olton
“Excellent ” Manjit, Solihull
“Excellent so far. We are new members but very happy” Jodie, Olton
“Excellent. His self confidence is improving weekly. He is shown how to improve and feels part of the team” Sue, Shirley
“Excellent” Dede, Shirley
“Excellent” Jodie, Olton
“Exceptional” Dede, Shirley
“Fabulous. My children have developed their skills amazingly” Alex, Solihull
“fantastic ” 
“General admin is great ” 
“Good and organised ” Ruby, Shirley
“Good direction” Charley, Solihull
“Good facilities, central location” Suzie
“Good, lots of communication ” 
“Great ” Anil, Wythall
“Great and Amina and coach Jay are the most enthusiastic and ready to teach coaches.” 
“Great club” Anil, Wythall
“Great team spirit and rapport within the team” Charley, Solihull
“Great. responsive” Alex, Solihull
“Great” Dede, Shirley
“Great” Joanne
“Great” Manjit, Solihull
“Has learnt so much in a short time ” Joanne
“His performance has improved during the last few months!  ” 
“I am getting postive thing said by my coaches which boosts my confidence and its good for them to also tell me what i need to improve on” Ruby, Shirley
“I am more confident in myself which has allowed me to dribble more and not just pass to a better player straight away.” Liv
“I feel like i am improving and my confidence is starting to improve” Ruby, Shirley
“I feel that I can make a difference and help the team whereas a few months ago I was scared of doing something wrong and mess the team up so I was quite hesitant in my play.” Liv
“I have improved my shooting but I just need to not panic in games and do what I do in practice. ” Liv
“I like Amina’s coaching as she tells us exactly how to do something and we learn useful plays and know when to use them. She tells us when we have done something right and gives personal feedback on how to improve.” Liv
“I think that I made a lot of progress since the Season” 
“I’ve enjoyed the training and especially the matches. I get to learn how other teams play and see how I can improve. ” Eloise
“Improved vastly since joining Arden Griffins. Control and technique better and confidence has grown.” Suzie
“Information is clear and up to date and I feel like I know what is happening” Sue, Shirley
“Informative” Charley, Solihull
“It’s a fun but hard working team that want to become better so with more hard work and determination we can keep pushing the bar higher.” Liv
“Jay drills things until they are embedded into our heads but maybe we could do more practical training to improve putting things into practice.” Liv
“Just started seems very good and kids enjoyed it” 
“Learning new skills. Loves coming to basketball” Alex, Solihull
“Looks good and facilities are good ” 
“Looks like the start of something very successful” 
“Making good progress” Charley, Solihull
“My defence has really improved and I am more confident in getting stuck in to fight for the ball.” Liv
“Nice atmosphere and ethos” 
“Only been to a couple of practices but Abi really enjoyed it – so Good” Kathy, Dickens Heath
“really  enjoyed it” Lorraine
“Really glad to be involved. Really friendly” Alex, Solihull
“Really happy, Ryan is engaged and enjoys it. He speaks highly of his coaches. I can see his skills and confidence improving ” Sue, Shirley
“Running smoothly ” Joanne
“Seems to be developing really well ” Joanne
“Seen a massive improvement in the 8 months.” Anil, Wythall
“Sunny is very committed and helpful. He is motivational and always goes the extra mile to help.” Eloise
“Sunny makes sure that everyone in the group knows what they are doing and gives us simple but effective instructions to follow in games. ” Liv
“Super friendly and well managed” Dede, Shirley
“Team spirit is developing and Ryan feels part of the club” Sue, Shirley
“the boys are so nice to the girls and play the same and i feel like we all get along well like a family. ” 
“the boys have improved in understanding and enjoyment since Christina began coaching consistently. Glad that it seems to be on the upswing! ” 
“The club has improved his experience (able to play the game with other children) really looks forward to practices!” 
“The club is seeing fantastic growth and opportunity for our kids ” Stacey, Hockley Heath
“The club is very friendly and well run by Sunny. ” Eloise
“The coaches and teammates have really supported my growth in confidence in matches. ” Liv
“Transparency is always very helpful” 
“Trystan is progressing well. ” Stacey, Hockley Heath
“V. Good” Kathy, Dickens Heath
“Very friendly and well managed” Dede, Shirley
“Very good, motivational. ” 
“Very good. ” 
“Very thorough, detailed and enjoyable


” Anil, Wythall

“we are thankful for the existence of the club!” 
“We encourage each other to become better players in a supportive environment. ” Liv
“Welcoming to girls and we are friends with most the boys so it is generally a comfortable atmosphere ” Liv
“Well structured, disciplined sessions are good with key teaching points. Hope we can still have input from Danny?”