Girls Basketball at Arden Academy

As a social activity, a sport and an industry, girls basketball is really growing, and there is particular room for growth in our region. It’s also a great enhancement to your child’s education and character.
Her attendance could be the start of a basketball journey. She could also become a trailblazer, leading the way for girls who may also then decide to get involved with the sport, in many different ways.

The Thursday after-school session has been incredibly successful, and you can sign up for the additional coaching up to 5pm on that day here.

Arden Griffins 2022/23
The organisation has entered a girls team in the WM Youth Basketball League (YBL) offering opportunities for Year 7-10s who really want to give this a go. We are in need of a few more numbers to ensure that this happens. Please email us at for details, or by WhatsApp on 07387 713342.

XOBall are all about removing barriers to participation for everyone – not just the elite. So get in touch now!