XOBall @ Archbishop Ilsley


To view and RSVP to girls secondary sessions, please use the Heja app, downloadable using this link https://heja.io/download/KC827087 (team code KC-827087)

You may have been part of the recent taster sessions at school. We really hope you enjoyed them, the willingness that players showed was amazing.

There’s a description of each of our offerings below, followed by links that will allow your parent or guardian to book places.

(There are limited places, so if you do book, attendance is essential; if the class shows as full, please add your name to the waiting list for every session that you’re interested in – we won’t forget you!)

Remember, XOBall is inclusive, catering for all levels of expectations. Basketball gives you the opportunity to learn, improve your health, and to be a role model for future generations.


XOBall C+  

“Like a community centre, with basketball” is how one of our C+ sessions was described by a girl who attended. These sessions allow you to build relationships and provide social time, as the rigours of changing schools, or GCSEs, and lockdown, become memories of the past.

Providing practice without pressure, C+ will typically provide a value option with higher numbers of participants. Community+basketball, Choice+basketball, Coaching+basketball, Casual basketball, Chat+basketball … that’s C+. 😊

At Illsley, these will run at lunchtime for year 7-9’s – on Mondays for girls (book here), and on Thursdays for boys (book here).


XOBall Roster

Based on your temperament and willingness, regardless of skill level, Roster is for the player who wants to put everything into being the best student-athlete that they can be. 💪🏽

Whatever your reasons, this journey will provide you with both invaluable knowledge of the game, and opportunities and life lessons that are proven to improve your chances in numerous areas outside of sport.

We have enlisted the help of the experienced coaches.  This includes the Regional Girls u13 and u15 Head Coach, to guide the session that will be run at the school on Monday evenings from 5pm to 6:30pm.  We are really excited about the potential of this unique opportunity within the region.

At Ilsley, Roster sessions will run immediately before or after school for years 7-9, on Thursday mornings here, Thursday afternoons here, with a Girls only session on Monday mornings here, as well as a Monday evening session coached by the Girls Regional Head Coach here (chargeable, but please contact us if this is prohibitive).

For years 10-11, these will be held for boys on Mondays lunchtimes here, and for girls on Thursdays lunchtimes here, and on Monday mornings here.



If you struggle with the first steps in group sessions of any type, you deserve to be supported, and uVIP caters for you. Winning is enjoyable, but we know that the biggest benefit is the journey. Inclusion is what we’re all about – all you need is to like being part of a valued group (and to bounce a ball can help too!).

But seriously, the responsibility for you to feel comfortable in these relaxed, small sessions, is on us.  Book here.

Regardless of your plans to continue in the sport, we would be really grateful if you could complete the questionnaire on the back of this letter and return it to the PE Office. ⛹🏽‍♀️