u13 YBL: 9/11/19 @ Warks Hawks

Twelve Crossover Basketball players created a little piece of history, as they stepped onto the court as part of Arden Griffins u13 team, in the West Midlands Youth Basketball League – some seven years after a youth team was last represented Solihull, under the same banner at National league level. 

After an eye opening first two quarters, which they lost by 16 and 22 points respectively, the intrepid dozen – seven girls and five boys – were much more competitive in the the third period, scoring 17, just four short of the opposition.

A final score of 99-43 was academic, the experience being the critical point in a match that saw six different players get onto the scoresheet.

Team: Ayden, David, Dheyaan, Eloise, Evie, Finley, Grace, Kieran, Lucy, Oliver, Olivia, Scarlett

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