28 April 2021- First sessions back *BOOK NOW!* plus: New Communications Channels


For months, we have been unable to satisfy our childrens’ appetites for basketball. But the point has arrived where hopefully the group can begin to plan for a feast. And there are three essential ingredients …

… a venue. This is provisionally booked – Archbishop Illsley School in Acocks Green. 6pm to 7:30pm on a Friday 30 April, and 11am to 12:30pm on a Sunday 2 May.  There are only 10ft hoops at the venue and we do not currently have a method of transport for the lower units. So currently this is strictly for current year 6 children and older.

…coaches: two are on standby.

… players. So now, it’s over to the kids.

Without knowing how many new and existing members can commit, it makes sense to take things a week at a time. We will then make the necessary adjustments as we go along.  Your cooperation over this initial return period will really be appreciated.


To reiterate the objectives of Crossover, the organisation is duty bound to act inclusively.  Up to now, every child aged up to 16 has been catered for, so selection of any type has never been a factor.

However, we need to bear in mind the need to maintain reasonable staff to player ratios (enabling effective coaching). There are also of course restrictions related to the pandemic, so it may now be the case that a waiting list needs to be maintained.  If this is the case, it must be purely on a first-come first-served basis.  However, the aim will to be as creative as possible, within reason, to ensure that once again, every willing child is catered for. We hope to place each player in a group which offers the best combination of enjoyment and development.

Once you have reserved your place, please await confirmation before paying. If numbers are adequately high, we may add a second session immediately after, and ask some participants to attend the later one instead. If this transpires, but you will not be able to attend the later session instead, please advise immediately by sending a message. Please could each player also bring their own ball, a mask and sanitiser.


The link to book for this weekend, either one or both of the sessions, is here: https://xoball.class4kids.co.uk. To provide the best chances of these sessions being sustainable, the initial price has been set at £7.25 per session (concessions available) on the coming weekend.  Please note that this is currently not subsidised.  A decision is pending in this respect, hence waiting until fairly late to confirm these details.  This, along with finding the level of interest in the sessions, will hopefully lead to times, numbers and prices settling. March 2020 overpayments are yet to be taken into account, your patience with this is appreciated.

The more participants who can commit to these sessions, the more chance that there will be of sustaining them. We can then offer sessions more closely matched to each players ability.


Some contacts prefer not to be part of WhatsApp group chats, and this view is respected.  Starting with this newsletter, all essential club communications will be sent using individual (one to one) WhatsApp conversations.

The existing WhatsApp groups will remain open for parents and guardians who wish to stay in those conversations. Some adjustments will be made in order that they broadly reflect groups who are likely to train and play together.

These chats will also align with private Facebook groups, for those who prefer to keep up to date using that platform. The same information / links will be posted, just in case anyone misses or struggles to find messages on WhatsApp. Just click on the appropriate following link(s), and request to join the group.

Private Facebook Group: Crossover Basketball – Girls

Private Facebook Group: Crossover Basketball – Boys

If anyone would like to get involved in the expanding role that media will play at Crossover, please get in touch. We always need more volunteers.

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