2019/20 Survey: Did you spot your feedback?!

Thanks to all the players and parents who responded to the important 2019/20 Off-season Feedback & Availability Survey that was sent out in early March.  

The vast majority of the feedback was very positive.  So, as a mark of the association’s achievements during its first year, a collage (in fact, five collages!) of these lovely comments have been made and used as website headers for the renamed crossover basketball website, at www.xoball.co.uk.  (Each of the collages can be seen by refreshing the front page, they will appear in a random order).

The comments have also been included on the Reviews page of the new site, so that the thoughts of the members can be easily shared with each other, as well as any potential new joiners visiting the site.

It was great to see some of the players thoughts, particularly on coaching, whilst parent’s feedback confirmed the quality of the communication that the association prides itself upon.  Areas such as the organisation as a whole, and the player’s development personally, were also included.  It was pleasing to see the value placed on having opportunities in Solihull, and the leaps made by the youngsters who have been able to take advantage of it.

There were also numerous other gratefully received observations that the staff will consider, act and feed back upon where required.

This responses from the other survey sections provided critical indications of the the players’ thoughts and intentions.  Staff can now structure the club and sessions to optimise the opportunities for existing members to put in the hard work towards their objectives, whilst keeping sessions open to new members as we continue to grow and accommodate anybody who would like to join.

Details of the outcomes from those sections and resulting plans will also be shared over the coming weeks and months.


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